Application for the Bayer Volunteering Program

Bayer Cares Foundation provides funding for community development projects in neighborhoods of Bayer sites. Applicants must be involved personally as active volunteers in concrete community development projects. Preference will be given to own and innovative project ideas which create new solutions for perceived social needs. Donation collections for third parties and applications without a concrete project character will not be considered for funding.

Please note that the application language is ENGLISH.
Please complete all boxes. Only fully completed forms can be considered for the application process.

For any queries please contact us by phone at +49 214 30 42224 or by email to

Dear requester,

The BAYER Role Model is an Bayer employee/retiree only program. Please type in your CWID for registration.
In case of any inquiries please get in touch under
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Contact Details of volunteer

For groups, the team speaker

Relationship of the volunteer to Bayer

Project host

In which institution is the project physically or legally located?

Details of your volunteer project


Your project must be self-contained and with a defined duration.

Project cost projection

Please state the total funding need and explain the main items that you intend to purchase with this funding.

The maximum available funding per project is €5000.

Only concrete and project-related material costs can be funded!

Running costs and overhead costs of a project host cannot be considered for funding.

Attachments (optional)

Are you looking for more volunteers?

I am in principle interested in finding further people who are willing to join my project team as volunteers and I do agree that the foundation will pass on my contact data to interested persons.

Publication of your commitment

I hereby agree that Bayer Foundation and Bayer AG may be using my volunteering project for reporting and PR purposes.

Processing your data

Please see the information on the Privacy Policy for how the data provided by you are processed by Bayer AG. Please also inform the other project members mentioned by you.